Is Google Optimize Giving Incorrect Warnings

If you have ever run Google Optimize tests and stumbled across some unexpected messages when running diagnostics, this may help.

Most people who use tools like GTM and Optimize etc are likely to have a multitude of Chrome extensions enabled too. Sometimes, these can confuse Google Optimize. For example, you might see a message telling you that the Optimize Plugin is not installed, or that even Google Analytics has not found.

A simple way to overcome this and ensure your tests ru smoothly, is to run the same diagnostic test in a fresh Chrome profile. We have a GTM test profile on standby at all times, which is logged in to your default Optimize and GTM accounts, and has zero extensions installed. If all is well, you should no longer see the spurious warnings when running diagnostics in a clean, extension-less profile. If you do experience any issues still, please let us know in the comments!

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